I want to start by apologizing for not posting every week but I have tried my best with everything going on. Firstly, I am currently still working at Alarm.com as a SE Intern. I asked for an extension for two weeks and they granted it, hence I am still there working on improving my project and making more specific changes based on the requirements by the Sales Team.

Other than that, I am occupied for the rest of the time with either helping prepare for my sister’s wedding or try to apply for full-time positions by either trying to make connections or working on LeetCode to improve on the problem-solving skills. Furthermore, I try to read up on the Full-Stack Course and absorb as much of the knowledge as possible.

Additionally, I try to contribute as much time as I can with the Cookbook project that I have been working on for the past few months. AS of now, we have raised over $42,000 and have gained a fair amount of popularity either by having an article written in The New York Times or getting reposted by others on Twitter.

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