I just completed my third week at Alarm.com and I have made more progress than I ever expected. I already chose a project for me to work on for the remainder of my internship. Furthermore, with my 3rd week ending, I have over a dozen tickets completed and another half a dozen tickets pending for me. With the help of all these tickets, I have started to learn and understand how ASP.NET works and have grown my experience in writing code in C#. Apart from the programming specific tools and technologies, I am learning about management and documentation tools as well such as JIRA and Confluence.

In addition to that, I have started to network with many individuals at the company and have set a goal of meeting/talking to at least 2 new people each week, out of which, one would be a fellow intern. For the past three weeks, I have managed to accomplish this goal very easily but as time passes, I am planning to approach people higher in the hierarchy of the company and challenge myself there.

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