Thanks to Uncle Raju, I was introduced to a website that could help me be a better full-stack developer. Gracefully, after finishing my third week at my internship, I learned time management and now am able to give time and make progress on the full stack course.

While doing the course, I realized 2 things:

  1. I don’t need a fancy website that can attract the viewer, but rather something simple, I can simply use existing templates and just add my information to it. A part of me reaching this decision was because of Sam’s blog post. Hence, I am going to spend the rest of my summer trying to improve the website but not port it over to ReactJS or NodeJS as I was initially planning, just change the color scheme and update the information on it.
  2. I have had an idea for an application for a long time and this full-stack course can help me finally achieve the goal that I could not achieve yet. After talking to a few people, I realized that it has more potential than I initially thought and could be a greatly used application if it was advertised correctly.

Because of these realizations, I have to realign my priorities for the rest of the summer and focus on more important things such as the development of the application and job application process.

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