The MVBHS Comfort Food Cookbook is now out! This is a phenomenal eBook collection of over 160 great recipes, representing 60 different countries from six continents.  The book is the centerpiece of our Give Hope to Help initiative. This is all part of our campaign to raise money to help those MVB students and their families with the greatest needs due to the devastating impact of COVID-19.  We have dishes that run the gamut from healthy to indulgent, breakfasts to late-night snacks. These are family favorites, many coming with great memories of happier times. We are so proud of what we were able to produce with the help of students, teachers, alumni, and friends, and want to share this cookbook with everyone.  Please join us as we work to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most, and place your cookbook order now on our website,  

We have a very special offer to all MVB alumni.  We have received a very generous 3-1 matching grant, giving us a unique chance to raise $50,000, which can do so much good for those in need. For a suggested price of $10, you get the priceless joy of knowing you are helping support dozens of MVB families who are truly struggling, not just financially but emotionally, here at the epicenter of the pandemic. Every penny we receive goes to helping these families. All we ask is you share this cookbook with at least ten other people who may be interested in supporting our cause.  

We are working to share this MVBHS Comfort Food Cookbook as a token of hope and joy around the world, so please pass this message to everyone you know who would appreciate this unique collection of recipes, and perhaps they too can join all of in trying to make a small difference in such a difficult time.  

Help make some noise and tap into all the social media links listed on our homepage to help us spread the word.  On our YouTube channel, you can see videos of some of the recipes being prepared by fellow alumni, teachers, and friends of MVB. Feel free to do your own and send it in!!

Thanks for your support in this special endeavor,

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