I started my internship at Alarm.com on June 1st, 2020, and just completed a week of my internship. In the five days, I spent here, four of them consisted of attending a boot camp. At the boot camp, we met many people from the company and learned a detailed history of the company, interacting with our peer interns, played games, and learned about the basics of how the company works, along with some of the details of the products related to the company. In short, it was a lot of learning with games and I had a great time before the real work started.

The real work started on Friday, after the boot camp. I had the first official meeting with my manager, we talked for the whole day and got me ready for a smooth sail for the next 9 weeks. We talked about many things including how the SE side of the company works, how the Dealer Tools team functions and what I will be doing this summer. He introduced me to my potential summer projects, JIRA, and many individuals from the company. After everything was ready to go, he helped me complete my first ticket and push to code review. The next week, before I logged in for work on Monday, my work had been pushed to production and was live for everyone in the company to see and at that moment I knew that I am going to love my internship!

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