After spending hours reading what it is and how it can help me better than any other type of a shell, I finally decided to download zsh, by the recommendation of Uncle Raju. After downloading it, I spent a whole day deciding between the plug-ins I wanted to add and stopped myself before I added a million of them and it took longer for zsh to load than it took my computer to turn on.

Displayed above is the basic setup of the zsh on my terminal as the default shell type. Other than the basics, I have added a few changes that seemed helpful to me, out of which 3 could be seen above:

  1. The most obvious one, the time on the right. This tells me the current time till I hit enter and then records the time I hit enter so it can tell me when I started the program.
  2. Next, in a fainted grey color starting at the position of the cursor, you can see “Desktop/Avik” which is a part of the autosuggestion plugin and I never knew how much I needed it before I had it.
  3. Furthermore, right above the line that is currently expecting a command, it says the amount of time it took for the previous command to run and this is very helpful in some cases when I need my code to run in a time-sensitive environment.

As I work with the zsh more and more, I plan to keep on adding more plug-ins to make my life easier but this is all I have for now and will keep you updated on more!

P.S. The update-all is an alias I wrote to update all the files on my Linux OS and auto-remove older, not needed versions of all the files.

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